A. Continuing Professional Development

  1. Types of Continuing Professional Development activities
  2. Planning, carrying out, and evaluating Continuing Professional Development activities

B. Good teaching practices

  1. Students’ learning preferences - VARK
  2. Gaining students’ attention and holding it - Interactive teaching
  3. Encouraging student participation in learning - Self-Directed Learning
  4. Teaching students how to think - Metacognition
  5. Assessing performance and providing feedback
  6. Promoting reflection 

C. Educational Strategies

  1. Case Based Learning
  2. Competency based education
  3. Distance learning
  4. Integrated Teaching
  5. Inter-Professional Education 
  6. Problem Based learning
  7. Simulation Based learning
  8. Team Based Learning

D. Teaching Learning Methods

  1. Large Group Teaching/ Interactive methods
  2. Small group teaching
  3. Teaching of laboratory/clinical skills
  4. Optimal use of audio-visual tools in teaching
  5. E-learning 
  6. M-Learning 
  7. Experiential learning
  8. Blended Learning 
  9. Peer-Assisted learning
  10. Simulated and Standardised patients

E. Curriculum Development and Evaluation

  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Evidence Based Medicine
  3. Innovations in Curriculum
  4. Communication Skills training
  5. Medical Humanities in the curriculum
  6. Professionalism and Ethics curriculum
  7. Programme effectiveness
  8. Programme evaluation

F. Types of Assessment

  1. Objective and Subjective Assessment 
  2. Formative and Summative Assessment 
  3. Structured assessment - OSPE/OSCE
  4. Clinical skills assessment – OSLER/Mini-CEX

G. Assessment

  1. Portfolio
  2. 360 Degree Assessment 
  3. Effective Feedback 
  4. Multi-source feedback
  5. Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA)
  6. Assessment For Learning (AFL)
  7. Innovations in assessment

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